1946 Buick Roadmaster for sale $79,500

1946 Buick Roadmaster $79,500
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Price: $79,500
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Location: St. Louis, MO
Details: Buick’s flagship Roadmaster has long been synonymous with luxury and style. Since its inception in 1936 it served as the style and feature leader in the Buick line and from 41-on was Buick’s premier offering. It was a ready competitor for Cadillac in terms of performance and equipment yet the Buick undercut its sibling by a significant price margin. In late 1941 for the upcoming 1942 model year Buick had significantly redesigned its entire range and the Roadmaster would provide a showcase of Harley Earl’s vision for the 1940s; a modern machine that was lower wider and longer than its predecessor with beautifully integrated fenders and a signature toothy grille. Of course the American involvement in World War II put an abrupt end to automobile production in 1942 so only a minute handful of cars were delivered before production shifted to military vehicles. Eager buyers would have to wait at least three years before they’d see another new car roll out of an American plant.Few of those eager buyers waited longer for their new Buick Roadmaster than Erhardt H. Kraft of New Braunfels Texas. As Mr. Kraft explained in a letter written to a subsequent owner of his Buick Roadmaster he placed an order and a deposit with the Krueger Motor Company in 1941 for a new 1942 model only to have the onset of World War II delay delivery as the Buick production plant was rapidly converted to war production. Over four years had passed when on Christmas Eve 1945 Mr. Kraft received a call from Krueger Motor Company informing him that his “new car had arrived at long last” and that the unusually patient New Braunfels businessman had actually received interest on his deposit over that time! Mr. Kraft was no doubt surprised since over the course of the war he had completely forgotten that he ordered a new Buick in 1941!The story continues with Erhardt Kraft explaining: “Mr. Krueger asked if he could keep the car on his showroom floor because it was Christmas Eve of 1945 and my Buick was the first Roadmaster the company had received since the War ended. He wanted others to enjoy the car since there had not been any fine cars like this for the length of the War. I drove the car home on January 2 1946 for the first time.”How wonderful it is to imagine seeing this incredibly stylish beautifully appointed 1946 Buick Sedanet right at the turn of the New Year for the first time and after so many years of war. Mr. Kraft reportedly bought the car for his wife but she never learned to drive so it was only her husband who drove it on the occasional vacations and to church on Sundays. As such it accrued very few miles and remained in outstanding condition. It was eventually acquired several decades later by Texas collector David Taylor who is well-known among enthusiasts for collecting excellent original Buicks of this era. Subsequently it was part of several well-known Southwestern collections including the museum of Sterling McCall in Round Top Texas. Thankfully each subsequent owner appreciated this fine Buick’s originality and cared for it lovingly and it shows a mere 4734 miles from new.Today this stunningly low mileage and original example presents in wonderful condition wearing and older repaint in its original black and having benefitted from some replating of the original chrome. The sumptuous Harley Earl-penned Roadmaster Sedanet is one of the most desirable body styles of the period. It masterfully combines luxurious sweeping curves with an air of sportiness in the tapered tail and low roofline. Highly desirable period accessories include a sun visor dual outside mirrors a spot light and a light bar with twin fog lamps. On the road the car sits proudly as it should; riding on a set of wide whitewall tires with proper original hubcaps.Incredibly this Roadmaster retains its fine original upholstery which presents in very good condition as well as its original window glass aforementioned accessories and even the factory exhaust system and muffler! The