1973 Dodge Dart for sale $950

1973 Dodge Dart $950
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Price: $950
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Location: Wyckoff, NJ
Details: This is our familys 1973 Dodge Dart and weve owned it since 1975. Its also been registered and running since 1975. The car runs OK but has major rust issues, needs a new roof, etc. It needs new seats (it has covers presently) but is presentable. Im trying to find the car a good home. As I said, it does run but needs some TLC and with some work would be very presentable. If you are to buy they car, you need to see it and know what you are getting into. If you like to fix up old cars that still run, this is it.

Im more than glad to send photos, VIN number, etc. It presently had historic NJ plates and is in a garage.