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Duesenberg classic cars for sale

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1935 Duesenberg Model J 1935 Duesenberg Model J
$1,050,000 Saint Louis, MO
Frederick and August Duesenberg are undoubtedly best known for their iconic Model J of the 1930s. However their groundbreaking road cars may never have been built if it weren t for the notoriety they achieved in motorsport in the early 20th centur...
1982 Duesenberg 1982 Duesenberg
$299,500 St. Louis, MO
The creations of brothers Fred and August Duesenberg are the stuff of legend. The cars and engines they built were among the very best the world had ever seen and they put America on the motorsports map racking up success at Indianapolis and LeMans. While the brothers were earning hardware on the track they were...
1933 Duesenberg 1933 Duesenberg
$1,100,000 St. Louis, MO
The glamorous life of travel high fashion and social status in the 1920s and ‘30s required a gusher of money. Gatsby-esque wealth was made by individual business tycoons handed down as old money royalty movie stars or those who had simply been fortunate enough to marry into a family that allowed a life of...
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